One-Time Shredding

One-time disposal services, designed for convenience

One-Time Shredding Services in Melbourne

Your business may not need regular document shredding services, but you may benefit from one-time shredding. Our purge shredding or one-time shredding does not require a contract and we never charge hidden fees. If you feel burdened by boxes of documents collecting dust or it’s time to purge business and confidential documents, we can help. Depending on your needs, we can shred the documents on site or return it to our secure facility for off-site shredding.

Do You Need Document Purge Service?

Many of our customers request one-time paper shredding when it’s time to purge obsolete documents, old tax records, unnecessary business documents, and other old documents taking up office space or storage space. If your records or files are past their retention period, we can help with affordable one-time, quarterly, or annual document destruction.

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Even though your documents may be outdated, it’s still important to choose a secure method of document disposal. Much of the data you have stored can still reveal business secrets, customer information, employee information, and more. Shred-M – One-Time Shredding Services in Melbourne

Purge Shredding to Fit Your Needs

Most purges are conducted annually, but you can request Shred-M’s one-time shredding service whenever you need documents securely shredded. If you determine that your business needs document destruction around the same time each month or other regular interval, you can save money by requesting ongoing shredding service.

As a general guideline, many businesses need the following types of documents destroyed with a one-time service:

One Time Destruction Services in Melbourne

  • Tax records that are no longer required such as vendor invoices, bank records, and payroll records.
  • Financial statements
  • Employment applications
  • Personnel records
  • Outdated or unnecessary business forms
  • Legal documents
  • Miscellaneous office paperwork
  • Memos and internal documents

Secure, Reliable Shredding for Melbourne Businesses

Whether you are getting rid of obsolete documents, records past their retention period, or simply boxes of useless paperwork you want to clear out for storage or a move, it’s still important to choose a secure document disposal method.

Our professional paper shredding service guarantees that all business secrets, personally identifiable information, and other sensitive data in the documents are securely destroyed. Even if you have the time to shred the documents yourself or pay a trusted employee to complete this task, an office shredder simply isn’t up for the job. Most office shredders allow shredded material to be easily reconstructed. If you shred documents yourself, thieves can target your trash and the information they contain can fall into the wrong hands.

Our industrial shredding equipment can handle a large volume in minutes. There is no need to remove staples, rubber bands, discs, or card stock from your documents. This means no one will need to go through your documents prior to shredding. You can even watch as your documents are shredded on-site for the ultimate in secure disposal.

A smart document shredding policy, which may only be needed once a year, can help protect your business from lawsuits, the loss of trade secrets, damage to your reputation, and more.

Request Affordable One-Time Shredding

If your business is drowning in boxes of documents or it’s just time for your annual purge, contact Shred-M for cost-effective and secure on-site or off-site document shredding today.

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