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What Goes into Secure Document Destruction

At Shred-M, we offer several ways to safely and economically destroy your sensitive business documents. Our on-site and off-site secure document destruction in Malvern includes the use of locked bins or containers to store documents in your business until you’re ready for secure shredding.

With on-site shredding, we arrive on a schedule of your choosing or on demand. Our technicians use industrial-grade mobile shredders to completely destroy your documents. You can watch this process for the ultimate in oversight and security. With off-site shredding, we will pick up the documents in your locked containers and transport them to our facility for shredding. Both options offer an economical solution to in-house shredding with the reliability and security your business needs to protect employees and customers and fight the risk of confidentiality breach and data breach.

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Document Disposal in MalvernOur safe document destruction does not require that anyone sort through your documents, including our technicians or your staff. Simply place the documents in your locked bins and wait for our technicians to arrive. Our equipment does not require any sorting at all; it can handle staples, card stock, discs, binder clips, and paper clips. Shred-M, Document Shredding in Malvern.

Regardless of the size of your business or your paper shredding needs, our secure document shredding service can be an ideal fit. We take away the risks associated with the storage and disposal of sensitive and confidential information so you can rest easy and focus on growing your business.

Why Outsource Document Destruction in Malvern

Outsourcing your document shredding is more convenient, secure, efficient, and economical. There are many security risks associated with in-house paper shredding and decisions as to what documents should be shredded are left up to staff members for a higher risk for confidentiality breaches and employee error.

Secure shredding is considered a reasonable step your business should take to destroy confidential information. Our services help your business remain in compliance with the Privacy Act. Secure shredding service is also what your customers expect; they want to know their private information is confidential and no one will access their sensitive information.

In addition to security risks, in-house shredding can be costly. It requires trusting employees and paying them for their time to dispose of documents. While this may not seem like a big deal if your business has very minor document disposal needs, it can add up to hours every week.

Our paper shredding service includes free secure bins to store your documents on-site. On your chosen schedule or when you need us, we will arrive and shred your documents on-site or at our secure facility. Our industrial-grade equipment can shred a large volume of documents in mere minutes. We do not even require the removal of staples, binder clips, or discs which means no one will need to sort through your documents prior to destruction.

Outsourcing your document destruction is:

  • Secure. Our licensed professionals understand the importance of security. On-site shredding is done under your supervision to be sure no one views confidential or personal information. If you choose off-site destruction, our facility is alarmed, CCTV-monitored, and has restricted access.
  • Environmentally friendly. We recycle all paper materials we destroy to keep Australia beautiful and green.
  • Easy. Our professionals make the process as simple as possible from start to finish. We provide secure, locking bins and containers to store in your business. Arrange for scheduled shredding or call us when you need document shredding.
  • Cost-effective. Our document disposal service is a more economical solution to in-house shredding, whether you need one-time shredding or recurring shredding.
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